Urban clothing has a new turn now because of streetwear clothing style. The urban streetwear is a new fashion that helps an individual to portray their personality by choosing the best color, print, and design according to their choice. Urban clothing is just the same look with new fashion sense which ultimately leads to a unique dressing style. There is almost every shade included in urban clothing fashion. The dominant colors are Blue, khaki and brown which can be paired with other colors. It has a lot more variety from which you can choose a color that suits your skin color the most. Not only shades but also urban clothing has a vast variety of fabric choices. From Cotton to Denim to Silk which makes sure you are comforted with the dress.

Its been 30 years since streetwear has logged in to a fashion urban clothing world. As we are growing, the youngster is keen to accommodate themselves in the best of the fashion trends and love to do experiments with different clothing types. Urban clothing has a deep root connection with streetwear. Let's talk about color and fabrics.

What Fabrics are used?

Out of many fabrics out there, cotton is the most classic fabric but you still have many options like jersey, silk, leather.

What are the clothing styles?

Urban clothing is not just about classic dressing. It includes all the fitting and baggy clothes too. Urban streetwear has a vast variety of different types of shirts pairing with denim and black pants.


Lets us dig into some really good urban options available for you to get a unique streetwear style. The following listed clothing items are what all men should have in their closet. These are the vital piece of clothing which can be easily paired.


A wardrobe without a pair of decent denim pants needs a change. As fashion analysis says, you need a good pair of denim pant and should be changing that often. The pair of dark blue pants can be your go-to choice with every shirt and for every event. It is the most classic and decent items in men's wardrobe.


Want an easy look without putting much of an effort? These shirts are the perfect choice to wear for a casual as well as formal evening. It gives you a statement and a bold look. white shirts with dark blue denim can be a choice for a cool weekend evening look.


Sports jacket are not mainly a sports jacket. They are a formal jacket that can be paired with grey and blue shirts and look so sophisticated. This is also a must in men's wardrobe.


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