Long T Shirt: The Epic Trend of 2019

Long T shirt have been in trend for a while and it is here to stay. The good thing about long T shirts is that they look good on any one. Long Tee suits men, boys as well girls and women. No wonder from singer and actors to internet celebrities, everyone is pulling off this trend. It is the matter of how you carry these long T shirts.

If we you are afraid to try and experiment with longline T shirt, we are here to help you in this regard. Fashion police is on its way to set you straight.

10 Ways to Style a Long T Shirt


  1. How about going simple? Throw on a nice long black T shirt and a pair of jeans. This look goes well in spring, summer and winter. You can never go wrong with black. The black long T shirt makes you look sleek and stylish. “Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy- but mysterious. But above all black says this: I don’t bother you, you don’t bother me” – Yohji Yamamoto

    Another good look that can go with black long t shirt is pairing it up with ripped jeans. Ripped jeans are also very much in trend when it comes to street style and even for a night out.

  2. Another way long shirt for men can be styled is by adding a hoodie or a jumper that is shorter than the long T shirt. Never add two oversized clothing items together. It is either a long T shirt or long coat or hoodie. It will give you that celebrity street style layered look.

     Get your look here.

  3. Ever wondered what kind of neckline would suit your body type? The answer is if you have narrow chest and sloped shoulders go with the crew neckline. This neckline gives an illusion of broader chest and shoulders. What about the V neckline? Well it is good for people with shorter heights. It is all optics and illusions when it comes to fashion. So the v neck gives an illusion of taller height by giving the impression of elongated neck.

  4. To tuck or not to tuck? There is no reason to tuck an oversized shirt or long T shirt. It was made longer for a reason. But if you are totally adamant on tucks. How about a little French tuck? French tucks gives a classy impression to normal half sleeves t shirts and even long sleeves Tees.

  5. Can you ever go wrong with a white T shirt? Never. Pair a white T shirt with blue jeans or even black jeans. Put on a nice pair of boots. Your mom won’t be the only one calling you handsome. Here is an example of a white pairing nicely with blue.

  6. The oversized shirts also called longline shirts or long shirts have been a favourite of Harry Styles. He usually dons them with jeans. Harry Styles, Justin Bieber and Kanye all have used their long sleeves tops with and under shirt of normal size. Layering like we said earlier gives your outfit that oh so posh celeb panache.
  7. Avoid skinny jeans when wearing an oversized shirt. A long t shirt along with skinny jeans will make you look like a lampshade. Instead choose slim fit jeans. It will create an elongated and slimmer silhouette.
  8. Looks like bomber jackets are here to stay. Bomber jackets paired with longline t shirts makes you look like a bomb. A solid 10/10 bomb.
  9. A long back T shirt obviously has a shorter front. You can wear a shirt like this, with jeans and sneakers. For a simple laid back evening or, you can put on a long jacket or a coat with it. Since it is shorter in the front, it will give an impression of a simple normal sized t shirt. Making your t shirt work I two ways for a price of one.
  10. I saved the best tip for the last. The best accessory you can pair with your long t shirt is confidence. Confidence is the sexiest thing one can wear. So be you without any shame. The world is your runway. 


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