A Guide to What to Wear in London in winter and still look On-Trend.

Opting for fashionable selections when it comes to clothing in winter can feel like a daunting task. All you want to do is bury yourself in thick, snuggly clothes and feel warm. But what about that nice longline T-shirt you bought? It is hanging in your closet and feeling ignored.

Or is it that you are tired of looking like a plain Jane or Jack and want to look your best?

Is there a date coming up and you want to turn heads?

This guide will help you on how to look trendy and what to wear in winter in London and look absolutely sharp.

The trick is simple. Layering.

Thermal wear is your best friend in winter. From long sleeves to sleeveless, from long johns to tights and leggings, to short length underwears.

You can choose these depending on how much you run cold and what you want to wear on the particular day.

Fashion Forward and cozy

Now that this problem is sorted out. It’s time to slay. These longline t-shirts can go from comfy loungewear to a killer outfit on

a date or going out with your friends for a drink. All you need to know is how to style it and you are good to go, be it cold or very cold. Here are some styling tips for all you boys and girls, ladies and gents out there;

  1. Wear your Long t-shirts with slim fit or skinny jeans, slim fit chinos or woolen trousers. Don’t choose loose pants, wider looking pants/jeans/trousers/chinos don’t go well with oversized or long wear.
  2. Style your longline t-shirt with a coat. It looks great with a (faux) fur coat, a teddy coat, puffer coat and a long coat.
  3. Who says a parka can’t be fashionable? Team a t-shirt with parkas and a pair of oxfords. Warm cozy and on point.
  4. Bomber jackets are all the rage these days. Pair your Longline t-shirt with it and viola, a wild dashing guy/girl appears.
  5. How about wearing a jumper over it to make it dressier? Top it off with a nice coat and derby shoes.
  6. T + cardigan + coat + scarf + skinny pants + sneakers/uggs = on fleek.
  7. Tuck in your T and put on a nice trench coat. This is an amazing street style.
  8. Even a chesterfield coat can go great with this t-shirt design, tie a knot to your shirt, put on your skinnes, fold them, couple up with the coat. Clarks or sneakers both will go well with this look.

Admittedly, looking trendy and smart can be a formidable choice in winter than summer, but by adding different flavors and right kind of combos, this can be achieved quite effortlessly. Experiment with your long t-shirt. Start with something simple and then keep adding different coats/jackets/cardigans to attain a panache.


Long T-shirt designs.

Here is a list of colours and designs you can opt for when looking for a t-shirt

When is doubt always monochrome. The safest most flattering option when it comes to dressing up is most definitely going monochrome. As it is said “colour is everything, black and white is more” – Dominic Rouse.

Here are some of white and black longline t-shirts designs.

 Greys! Once you go grey, you will never stray. Grey is pretty easy to pair with different colours and even with monochromes. See below for some inspo.

 Army green is the colour that emits power, it makes you look strong and powerful. The good thing about army green or olive green is that it brings out the versatility of monochromes and still carries a pop of colour. Pair it with black, tan or even white pants. Here is the list of long t-shirt designs that may inspire you to bring your A game this winter.



What are you waiting for?

It’s time to turn up the heat. Invest in some oversized or longline t-shirts, bomber jackets, and shirts. Winter is no excuse for letting yourself go. Bill Cunningham said and we totally agree “fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life”

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