What comes to your mind when you think about men streetwear, other than different fashion industry bloggers that give you major options that normal people are normally unaware of. These influencers, bloggers and fashion stylist make it obvious to look at all the fashion rules for men to statement the street style. We all are always concerned about women style but in recent times the inspiration has led toward fashion rules and guide towards men styling as well.

The fashion world for both man and woman is filled with different colors. Both the genders are running in a race to set the trend looks on board. In recent times the street style of men has taken a high leap and has made many exciting new combinations with both fabric and colors. If you want to go side by side with fashion world you need to follow some fashion rules that made your way easy in fast going glamorous world.

The fashion rules that are further explained are the perfect guide for men who love fashion. The woman is stealing some of the fashion looks and outfit of a man. There are many fashion rules in accordance with men street style that is successfully growing and adding more modifications with time.


  1. Buy the right oversize:

If you are confused with the heading, let me clear it is exactly how it is said. When you talk about men street look, the fitted and tight clothes are a big No. The first fashion rule for men street style is grabbing shirts and pants that are oversized.  With oversized, it is mean that one size bigger than your normal size. Choose clothes that are made up of fabric that are easy to carry and can make you easily comfortable.

  1. Choose shoes closely:

When we talk about the fashion rules and guidelines on men street style, shoes should be added in basic requirements. The right dress code with the right chosen pair of shoes makes it all worth it. The basic thing needs to be in mind is the choice of color for your shoes that matches with the outfit. Basically, in street style, dark bright colors are preferred mostly but even in that case white is all you want sometimes. White is the go-to color for men when it comes to choosing the best shoes. If you are choosing white shoes it is important to pick the most sparkling white in the market and make sure the whiteness of shoes never fade away with any dirt as it can make the look from 100 to 0 in no time.

  1. Always where on Head:

After clothing, if something is necessary the most in accessories is what you wear on your head. Some people don’t bother about it, but when we talk about street style fashion rules, it is important to look at the various variety that is available. From caps to beanies to hats, you have a vast list from which you can choose one which suits best with your hair as well as your style. If you don’t have any of this, an oversized hoodie is your rescue. Make sure you never leave your head nude.

  1. Shorts are in too:

This is a general concept that shorts can give you no style look. Oh no, as far as street men fashion style is concerned, shorts are always a fashionable option for that. A short with any of your favorite T-shirt is your go-to outfit look for a sunny summer afternoon. The main purpose of street style is to complement a style, a statement. Shorts with a T-shirt are not only a comfortable easy outfit but also it is highly rich fashion trend nowadays.

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