About Our Factories 

Due to In-House manufacturing, we control all the factors associated wit ethical fashion. We at Street Noir spent years to minimize our impact of production activities on the environment and believe in empowering people through building a strong relationship with our employees. This can be defined through the integration of the “Tripple bottom line” in our business. This is the most effective way to ensure our business’s integrity.
Most textiles factories treat garments with chemicals to soften and dye them. These toxic chemicals can hazardous for the environment and can be transferred to people’s skin causing skin diseases.
Our dedicated team makes sure no toxic chemical is used in the production process by lab testing the fabric after production. We invite our stakeholder to come visit our factories to increase transparency.

Our Costs 

Unlike other conventional designer brands and fast fashion brand, we at Street Noir believe our customers have the right to know everything about their clothes including the costs. Our mission is to challenge status quo and make ethically made designer products affordable for everyone.
By being online we cut down our expenses and pass the savings on to you.