Longline tee, as name explained a piece of clothing that is slightly longer than the length of the usual shirt. A new type of fashion in the men fashion world. The new trend within no time has got all the appraisal from the people and now the garment is available in many other styles. The longline is basically prepared in a style according to the preference of the customer. The style is appraising and followed by many but only few can carry it in a nice way. But you got to try it so what is more interesting than fitting up in an outfit you thought you would not.

A longline tee is a shirt different than others. The shirts length below the waist and sometimes even touch your knees. It is surprisingly has become the most loving and appreciated street style wear in UK fashion world. The shirts come in different styles and colors and print. The plain shirts have their own class while the printed graphics on shirts makes it more prominent and eye-catching. They are available in every color but again 3 dominant dark colors, Black, White, and Grey has taken up the level and is the most favorite colors for all. Street noir, the online men clothing store has a variety of longline shirts in different colors.


These T-shirts are generally made from the cotton fabric which makes it more comfortable to wear for a daily errand in life. A longline tee is the most picked and chosen clothing item than any other. The latest trends and looks of these shirts available in the fashion world are:

  • Men Collar Longline Shirt:

The best look share in the fashion world as longline is cotton shirt collar cut style longline tee. The shirt is more prominent in grey shirts contain a collar that is narrow and has a button in the center as a design. The cuts are on the long side.

  • Men Two Color Longline Tee:

The longline is favorite as both either plain or even as a dual color graphic printed shirts. You choose your combination. Mainly one color is on the lower side and another color on the upper side with a round neck. These shirts can be your choice for casual daylight events.

  • Men Flare Longline Tee:

Flare longline tee is a shirt loose in fitting. The material used is cotton and looks so simple yet classic and stylish. The shirt in style is lengthier from the back than front.

  • Off-Shoulder Tee:

Off-shoulder designs have been adorable for a stylish look at parties. The longline t-shirt is given a neck round design with single side off-shoulder design. In the black background, the t-shirt is given a central rose design. This one is preferred by young girls for their college parties or any functions.

  • Men Hooded Longline Tee:

the shirt with hooded neck and two or more layers is a look for your fancy outdoor meeting and work. The shirt is made up of fabric cotton. It is usually of two layers, the layer inside is usually of white color while the upper outer layer is black.

  • Men Zebra Stripped:

The zebra stripped longline style is a round neck shirt with long full sleeves and gives you a fitting look. the shirt is made of cotton fabric.


A longline tee is usually for women but with time it is getting more popular in men also. it is one of that highly chosen style that gives you a new look. this is a trend that is a combination of both the cotton simple plain shirts with the denim types. It is a statement type for street wear clothing. It seems no way to stop for this style in recent times.

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